DOĞAN JEOTERMAL, which is the parent firm of Doğan Geothermal Group, exercises

activity since 1990 in almost all of the environment-friendly energy business fields and also

infrastructure and superstructure constructions, industrial plants, collective housing and

industrial structures constructions. In addition to this, it is an expert organization offering

effective solutions in applications regarding development of energy resources and bringing

them into the country’s economy. Within framework of the synergic potential, its effective

services spread over a wide spectrum, experienced staff, R/D, Industry-University cooperation

model and Total Quality Management it possesses Doğan Jeotermal Group, is generating

effective solutions.

Our pipe manufacturing firm, YALÇIN BORU, which takes place within nature of Doğan

Jeotermal Group exercising activity as a leading organization in the geothermal sector, has

been established in 1997 in Polatlı OSB to meet the needs of the sector at top level. Yalçın

Boru; implements for the sector production of Preinsulated Pipes and joining parts, steam

pipes and joining parts and HDPE 100 Polyethylene Pipes and joining parts and it also

implements any contracting works of the said materials through its authorized seller firm, YD


Our group who has indeed taken the road at this point based on the concept shortage present

in the thermal and hot spring facilities in our Country, has decided to invest in thermal health

tourism and the HATTUŞA VACATION THERMAL CLUB Project in its current name

has been created like this.

Our first investment within nature of Hattuşa Vacation Thermal Club, was Hattuşa Astrya

Termal Resort & Spa commissioned in 2009, its current name is Hattuşa Vacation Thermal

Club Kazdağları, has been positioned in Edremit Güre which is the favorite holiday resort of

Balıkesir. Our other investment commissioned in 2013 is, Hitit Ayaş Termal Sağlık Merkezi

& Tatil Köyü (Hattuşa Vacation Club Ankara), has been positioned in Ankara Ayaş Hot

Springs Location, Güdül district Çağa Region. Our another investment at the hillside of

Amanos Mountains, Erzin İsos Termal, its new name is Hattuşa Vacation Club Erzin, Hatay,

has already been commissioned whereas, Hattuşa Vacation Club Göynük, construction of

which is under progress in Bolu Çatak-Göynük, shall be commissioned very soon in Bolu.