Turbosan was established in 1971 in order to manufacture project based pumps and pump systems in industrial facilities and public instutions. Hundreds pumps of Turbosan which were manufactured in various specification and special materials give service in various facilities for years.

All pumps which were made by Turbosan are designed, projected and manufactured in their own premises.

Turbosan has enough experience, technical knowledge and equipment to will be able to manufacture fire fighting set, Brine re-injection and Brine transfer pumps which are used in geothermal energy station application.

Turbosan exports %40 of manufatured pumps. The export countries are Germany, Italy, Holland, Middle East countries, various countries in Africa and Pasific countries.

Turbosan product range is as follows;

  1. NORM Series Volute Type Pumps
  2. CEP Series Double Suction Horizontal / Vertial Split case Pumps
  3. KAT Series Horizontal Multistage Pumps
  4. CAP Series Sewage Pumps
  5. DAS, DAC-SC Series Submersible Pumps
  6. PARPO Submersible Shredder Pumps
  7. Process Pumps for chemicals
  8. API 610 Process Pumps for Petrochemaicals
  9. Brine Pumps (NORM&EKS-K)
  10. NORM-HP Series Hot Water Pumps
  11. KYP Series Hot Oil Pumps
  12. DAC-E/K Axial & Mixed Flow Type Submersible Pump With Tube
  13. EKS-E/K Axial & Mixed Flow Pump
  14. Archimedian Screw Pumps
  15. UL Listed Fire Fighting Sets, (NORM&CEP)
  16. Booster Sets

Turbosan manufactures pumps from special and high quality materials required by various processes.

Different quality stainless steel, cast steel, duplex and super duplex, bronze materials……. are used in pump manufacturing.

Turbosan provides services to clients with the principle of flexible and tailor made manufacturing by the most suitable commercial conditions.

The target of Turbosan is to provide excellent product and high quality service by fulfilling the expectations and requests of customers in the direction of their benefits.

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